Let's help you achieve your business & Not-For-Profits goals faster through Digital Business Transformation

We provide IT Innovation, reliable Services that is designed  to your specific business need at reduced cost.

Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation is not just changing IT technologies but it is a digital business transformation process that is strategically repositioning of your organisation in a digital world to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. COVID-19 has necessitated the needs for organisational digital transform that is no longer optional for not-for-profit organisations, small and medium size business but not it is important to ensure that your organisation is viable and stayed competitive. 

We at Eagles iTechnology help your not-for-profit or small and medium organisation in digital business transformation process to ensure that you succeed in todays’s digital world.  

IT Strategic planning

We help not-for-profit organisations and small business to strategically plan and ensure that their IT are aligns with their goals

IT Project Management

Our team work with your project team to ensure that your project delivers all the values to your organisation.

IT Process Automation

We analyse your current process and recommend process automation where necessary. This eliminates repetitive tasks.

Customer Experience

Discuss with us to discover how to transform your customers experience through digital business experience

Boost Your Organisation by going Digital Business Transformation

CRM Transformation

CRM transformation enables your not-for-profit organisation or small and medium business to improve customer relationships, connect all your business data and efficiently  engage  with your customers and sales.

We at Eagles iTechnology help to implement the right CRM that align with your organisational goals.

AgileStarts implementation

NPSP AgileStarts

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NPSP Cloud AgileStarts

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Community Cloud AgileStarts

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Community Cloud AgileStarts

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Web App Development

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Platform Development

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Why Choose Us?

We carry our IT Digital Business Transformation that is strategically aligned to your organisation’s mission and goal. We first seek to understand your organisational challenges, establish a current state and then provide a workable solution that is peculiar to organisation mission and goals

Experienced Salesforce Team

We have team of experienced Salesforce team with more than 10 years in IT and project managements. We are ready to partnership with you to deliver Salesforce services to your business

Get you start using Salesforce with AgileStarts implementation

With our Salesforce AgileStarts, you will be ready to get the return in your investments.

Innovation, Reliable IT Services

We deliver innovative, reliable IT services to you at cost effective. We also partnership with your business to provide ongoing support. This ensures smooth Salesforce adoptions.

Professional & Project Management

Our Team members are Salesforce Certified, Microsoft Certified, Certified in Project Management, ITIL Certified. We have been helping small to medium businesses since 2015.

Business Transformation Process

Understand & Review
Propose a Solution
Setup and Configurations
Users Testing
Data migration
Training of users
Go live & Adoption
Support & Improvement

Our Team are Certified on