Two Things To Do During This Pandemic in 2021 & 2022: Arise & Build Now

Pandemic Covid 19 has brought many changes in our lives affecting livelihoods and health. Many individuals are asking questions about how to move forward; what to do during these unprecedented lockdowns; how to navigate through travel and movement limitation, financial losses, and unpredictable global economies. Thanks to the connectivity brought by the Internet that we can still see our loved ones or carry out our businesses in this pandemic.

However, to survive beyond the Covid 19 era, one must do this – arise and build!. Why? Simple- you may deteriorate mentally, physically, spiritually, and in health well-being if you do not arise and build now. Do not lock your mind down during this pandemic, rather arise and build!

When we say arise and build- what are the things to build? And how must I arise and build? I am aware that there are many things to build in life, but what would I focus my time on to build?  Yes, you can build your life and the lives of others.

Two primary areas that are of great significance are building your life and the lives of others.

Arise and Build your life

Building your life which can be classified as personal development is quite important. The pandemic era is neither a time to fold one’s hands nor cross our fingers to wait till the era is over, rather it is a time to build, develop and advance our lives through personal development. The importance of self-development can never be overemphasised. Through personal development, men have risen to greatness, conquered challenging problems, and invented new ideas that improve lives.  You can advance your life through the acquisition of a University degree. Some of the self-advancement are offered for free by prestigious Universities. Internet and computer technology has connected our world so strongly that your location is no longer a limiting barrier to overcome, because some of these courses are offered online and sometimes free.

Different bloggers have discussed other key areas in which you can improve such as Mental, Social, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical, Relationship, Career, Finance, Health and well-being, Communication, Confidence, Family and so on. Many resources are available via internet that would help you to rise and build. You may start with resources provided by Brian Tracy, Success, Jim Rohn and  Earl Nightingale. It is of great importance that whatever may be your priority – you must rise now and build that area of your life. You never can tell what extent your self-improvement will lead you to, but I can assure you that you will be far better if you consistently build on what you have decided to build.

Build lives of Others

You can arise and build the lives of others through your work or dedication to the human course. All innovations in human histories started with men and women who one day decided to improve their lives and the lives of others. You too can chart the course during this period of pandemic. With the advent of the internet which enables us to not only work from home but also collaborate with others across the globe, we can make a significant contribution to human history. You too can help in the following but do not be limited to family members, Not for Profit Organisations, Businesses and finance, Mentorships and schools

Build Family live

Living harmoniously with the members of your family will significantly improve your mental, social and physical wellbeing. Families that have long-standing relationships are built on forgiveness and values. Focus on Family and may be a good place to start.

Support Not for Profit Organisations

Not for Profit organisations are numerous and great way to give back to society.  In the past, Not for Profit organisations fostered human innovations, some have developed open-source software e.g., Linux, some have to feed the poor. There are many Not for Profit Organisations in all areas of life that you can join and make significant contributions to. Individuals that are helping out via Not for Profit Organisations have improved not only their lives but also the lives of others. Some of the Not for Profits to volunteer for can be found on Probono Australia, Catchafire, Globalprobono, Linux and Taproot. Salesforce, Google and others offer free licences to Not for profit organisations, if you would like to configure Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) you can contact Eagles iTechnology.

Build Business and Finance

You can decide to build a business that will help others achieve their goal in lives. Yes, you can do it if you give it a shot! Such businesses not only add value to the world but also provide financial benefits to those that took their initiatives and started one. For information on starting and building a business, Entrepreneur is a good place to start. For financing, information Sponsor me is a good place to start.

Every business needs basic IT solutions, and this is where we step in!

We at Eagles iTechnology deliver innovative IT support solutions to new or existing entrepreneurs.  Our vision is to support businesses in building a post-pandemic future.

We provide salesforce, web development, and IT consultations to clients. Further, our experts can help you with your data management and backup needs without hassle.

Mentors are builders of human capitals

Mentorship is so significant that most high achievers in all works of life cannot do without mentors. You can offer your free time to mentor others. Yes, you can mentor others especially if you have accumulated a wealth of experience over the past years. The world is lacking mentors that would pass their skill to others. Through mentors, great business, athletes, leaders, innovators have been built and individuals overcame obstacles and mustered the courage to build beyond the boundaries of past achievements. Technological innovations allow you to mentor mentees or being mentored anywhere in the world. You can volunteer to mentor or be mentored via, MicroMentors, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and currently provides life, business, career and relationship coaching that you may leverage during this pandemic.

Always remember that pandemic is not an era to be lockdown mentally. It is an era to arise and build. It is an era to rethink differently. It is an era to build your life and the lives of others.

If you have a business idea that can improve lives and you want to know how to reach people, Eagles iTechnology can build a custom website that can attract thousands of potential clients.

We understand that automating a business needs expertise and skill, and this is what we provide so that you can focus on building your business while we take care of computing in the background! Our work is to speed up the growth of your business by delivering advanced automation and networking solutions at a reasonable cost.

Eagles iTechnology is with you through these difficult times, so, why not rise and build now! The pandemic era will soon be over.

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